children's policy

Picking fresh blueberries with children is a wonderful way to pass on the tradition to the next generation. We welcome well supervised children. Over the last years, we've enjoyed seeing families laughing and picking berries together in the blueberry field. Many grandparents bring their grandchildren as a special outing. Guidelines:

• Their first experiences may need to be short and sweet. Depending on their age, it may be helpful to bring their own water bottle, snack, and a few small toys.

• Dress them for the weather. Hats plus loose fitting and light colored clothing are best. Take breaks as needed in our shady picnic areas.

• Please remind children to pick while they are here and eat their blueberries at home. MN Dept. of Ag recommends washing all produce before eating (especially important in preventing Covid-19). We provide a berry washing station for a snack on the way home!

• For their safety, children must be next to an adult at all times. Young children must pick on the same bush as an adult. Please assist them to prevent dropped berries.

• If your child has special needs, please contact us before coming to the field. We will discuss if and how we can assist you in meeting their needs.

• We request that children and adults respect our bushes by walking only on the walkways. Please do not let your children walk on the mulch or run between bushes. Shallow blueberries roots and irrigation lines are under the mulch. Thank you!