Blueberry Fields of Stillwater holds Food Safety as our highest priority. We are committed to following the latest guidelines as outlined by MN Dept of Agriculture and USDA Food Produce Rule.

Guests, please help us with this goal by:

~Washing your hands before picking berries and after using the portable toilet and any time they are soiled. Hand washing station is available next to the portable toilet.

~Use our new picking supplies. Do not bring any used picking boxes to our field.  You may bring your own cleanly washed ice cream buckets.

~Do not put any berries from the ground into your picking container.

~Pick all ripe fruit off of a bush before moving to next bush to decrease the amount of dropped fruit which can decay, grown germs, and draw insects/wasps.

~Chill or freeze blueberries ASAP. Bring a cooler with ice to chill sun warmed berries on your drive home.

~Upon arrival home, roll berries on a dish towel to remove any stems or leaves. To refrigerator, store dry, unwashed berries in an open top container. To freeze, pour dry, unwashed berries onto a shallow pan to freeze before pouring into freezer containers or bags and closing tightly. When ready to use, rinse with cool water and enjoy!

~No pets in field.