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Blueberry Fields of Stillwater LLC 

9450 Mendel Road North  Stillwater, MN 55082


​Hello Blueberry Friends,

The winter was hard on us all and we were sure grateful to finally see spring. We found a lot of winter damage to our bushes and are working hard to repair and recover the fields. The lack of spring rains (for the third year) hasn't helped, either. Despite it all, the Blueberry Fields of Stillwater had a generous flowering in May, with busy bees working their magic. We were spared frosts, thankfully. This summer we are anticipating a nice blueberry crop around the second week of July.

Due to some technical difficulties, we have had to create a new email address. The summer@blueberryfieldsofstillwater.com address is NO LONGER IN USE. Please email us at the new email address: BBfieldsofstillwater@gmail.com

Stay tuned and we hope to see you in July!       

 Summer Kuehn & Son, Haden Hausken
(New) Owners at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater