Pricing for 2021 


  • ​Pick Your Own: 
    • Cash: $5.50 per pound
    • Credit: $5.65 per pound
    • No checks, please.
  •  Pre-picked: ​​Due to the time and labor it takes to pick the berries, pre-picked orders are more expensive.  If you would like to order pre-picked berries, please reach out to us via phone or email.
    • ​$10.00 per pound 
  • Frozen berries: $12.00 per pound





  • 8 am - 12 pm most days*
  • ​Evening hours available when possible or as needed.*

     *Depending on weather, the berries, and staff.

Hello Blueberry Friends,

     We are working to ready the berries for a July 5th (hopefully) opening. It was a very challenging winter. We hit a low of -39° F . There were many false starts this spring, with temperatures changing back and forth from hot to cold. The berries don't appreciate this and believe it's time to start if we hit five days in 70° F weather. We also had more than five days of frost in early May, which can compromise pollination success.

     Despite all this, it appears we will have a bountiful berry harvest! This is in a large part due to the good work of pollinators, specifically the sweet honey bees of Jenny Bouthilet, the hardworking mason bees of Bee to Bloom, and the 1600 bumblebees we brought on board for pollination this year.  



     As with last year, our blueberries are not "officially" organic. We do, however, follow the exact same practices as when we were organically certified back in 2019.  Our blueberries are grown "naturally", and no synthetic pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers are used at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater. The following list details what products and processes we use on our fields to safeguard and protect our blueberries for you to enjoy:

  •     OMRI certified Sustane (organic turkey manure)
  •     OMRI certified Potassium and Phosphorus (to help our berries sweeten and firm up)
  •     Ecotrol (essential oils for protection against bugs & mites)
  •     Bird Netting to keep the birds away
  •     Havahart live traps to relocate rabbits and raccoons
  •     Hand weeding in lieu of using chemicals
  • ​    Elemental sulfur to maintain proper pH 

We are so excited to welcome you back to fields for the 2021 season! Please check back for more updates. We will be giving periodic updates leading up to the season opening and, once we are open, we will be giving daily updates.  We are trying to work through difficulties with updating our Facebook, so look to our website first for updated information.

Click here for information on our COVID-19 procedures and picking options.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the field soon! Continue to check here for more details and updates.         

 Grateful for the blessing of nature's bounty,
 Summer Kuehn & Son, Haden Hausken
(New) Owners at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater

Blueberry Fields of Stillwater LLC  651-351-0492

9450 Mendel Road North  Stillwater, MN 55082

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What's new at the fields...

Click here for berry care information.


Thank you to everyone who came out to pick at the Blueberry Fields of Stillwater! We have reached the end of our 2021 public picking season. Now we will work on end of season work and collecting berries for jam. We look forward to seeing you back in the field next summer!


General Information for the 2021 Season

Click here for information on 

our COVID-19 procedures.


To avoid bringing possible contamination into the fields, we ask (as does the state of MN) that you use the buckets or flats we provide at the fields.  There is no fee attached to using our containers.