Cash or credit accepted 

  • Pick-your-own:
    • Cash: $5.25 per pound
    • Credit: $5.40 per pound
  • Pre-pick: $8.50 per pound*

​     * The upcharge on this service is due to the extra time and work it      takes to fulfill pre-pick orders.




  • 8 am - 12 pm most days*
  • ​Evening hours available when possible or as needed.*

     *Depending on weather, the berries, and staff.

What's new at the fields...

​​​​​​Greetings! My name is Summer Kuehn and I'm the new owner at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater. I'm so grateful and excited for the bountiful new season of blueberry magic at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater. 

              I've been busy learning the blueberry growing process from Bev & Mike O'Connor (the masters!).  I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am to Bev & Mike for allowing me the opportunity to carry on their work here at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater.  Their mission was to create the beautiful field of blueberries as a place for guests to be in the healing presence of nature, and boy did they succeed in doing that!  My mission is to keep Blueberry Fields of Stillwater producing succulent blueberries and sweet, healthy outdoor experiences for the community for many years to come.
              Now we are getting to the exciting part of the year! So, we'd like to update you on what's new and what's still true blue at the Fields of Stillwater:

        1. New ownership (Hello to Summer Kuehn, and a Huge "Thank you" to Bev & Mike O'Connor).

        2. Our blueberries are not "officially" organic this season. We are, however, following the exact same practices as when we were organically certified last year.  Our blueberries are being grown "naturally", and no synthetic pesticides or insecticides are used at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater. The following list details what products and processes we use on our fields to safeguard and protect our blueberries for you to enjoy:

  •     OMRI certified Sustane (organic turkey manure)
  •     OMRI certified Potassium and Phosphorus (to help our berries sweeten and firm up)
  •     Ecotrol (essential oils for protection against bugs & mites)
  •     Bird Netting to keep the birds away
  •     Havahart live traps to relocate rabbits and raccoons

As a new owner, I chose to forego the formal organic certification so that I could focus on our Covid-19 preparedness plan.

Click here for information on our COVID-19 procedures and picking options.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the field soon! Continue to check here for more details and updates.         

 Grateful for the blessing of nature's bounty,
 Summer Kuehn & Son, Haden Hausken
(New) Owners at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater

Blueberry Fields of Stillwater LLC  651-351-0492

9450 Mendel Road North  Stillwater, MN 55082

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​​​We are now officially CLOSED for the 2020 blueberry picking season!

​    >Thank you all so very much for your support of our           little blueberry picking patch.

    > We look forward to seeing you next year in July!


General Information for the 2020 Season


Click here for information on 

our COVID-19 procedures.

To avoid bringing possible contamination into the fields, we ask (as does the state of MN) that you use the buckets or flats we provide at the fields.  There is no fee attached to using our containers.